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The next advancement in high-performance industrial label printing has arrived. Whether you’re trying to keep up with high-volume demands or looking for ways to advance your business technology portfolio, the ZT620 prints 6-inches wide (168 mm) and 12 inches (305 mm) per second – to have you covered. 

ZT620 Industrial Printer

    • PRINT WIDTH: 6.6“ / 168 mm

    • MAXIMUM PRINT SPEED: Up to 12“ / 305 mm per second

    • COMMUNICATION METHODS: standards: Serial, USB, Gigabit Ethernet, USB Host (2), Bluetooth 4.0              Optional: Parallel, 802.11a/c, Applicator Port, IPv6

    • PRINT RESOLUTION: 203 dpi resolution, 300 dpi resolution (optional)

    • CONSTRUCTION: All metal

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