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Register For GTINs For Products

Register with GS1 India to get GS1 barcode numbers (GTINs/EAN) for your products, on a renewal-based subscription. Barcode subscription fee is based on company turnover, number of barcodes, and subscription period.

While selecting the number of barcodes for registration, carefully consider your current as well as future requirements for barcodes.

Your barcode subscription includes access to our DataKart service (base version only) that allows you to allocate barcode number and manage all of your product data.

Registration Process

  • Applicant Company’s PAN card or proprietor’s PAN card for a proprietorship firm

  • Copy of balance sheet to substantiate your annual sales turnover

  • Letter on company letterhead requesting barcode allotment

  • Proof of status of the applicant company

    • For Proprietorship Firms: GST/VAT registration certificate

    • For Partnership Firms: GST/VAT registration certificate or partnership deed

    • For Private/Public Ltd. Company: GST/VAT registration certificate and Registrars of Companies (ROC) certificate or Memorandum of Association (MOA)

    • For other entities (e.g. Registered Society, HUF etc.): GST/VAT registration certificate or Registrar of Society (ROS) certificate

  • Cancelled cheque copy of the company

Registration fees consist of:

  • One-time fees, payable at the time of registration

  • Subscription fees (payable depending on validity period of subscription)

  • Security deposit (interest-free refundable security deposit payable at the time of registration)

  • Taxes, as applicable

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